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​EN Series  Elasticity-Improving Agent                                                                     

​W14ENP      Elasticizer for PP and other Polyolefins                                      

W14ENP is an unique propene polymer with special molecular structure. Thin films, molding parts, fiber and other plastic produtcts, made of W14ENP, display excellent softness, compatibility, optical preperty, heat sealability amd heat viscosity.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Specification Download 


​Superiorities of W14ENP 

  • Excellent compatibility and polarity with various polyolefins

  • Soft and warm sence of touch with nice elasticity

  • Remarkable resilience, impact strength, heat sealability, and transparency

  • Efficiency processability

  • Outstanding mobility for attaining great loading capacity to fill material well  


     APPLICATIONS OF W14ENP                                                                                                                 

    W14ENP, playing as a role of crosslinking agent, could be put with various crystallized polyolefins, such as PP, PE, PA, PBT and so on. It help increasing materials performances, for instance, strength, elasticity, processability, dispersity, and compatibility. ENP is a very rare but highly-functional agent.

    Due to the viscosity and crystallizing rate of PP, it is quite difficult to compound PP with glass fiber (GF). However, W14ENP acts a nice crosslinging agent with a loading property of high mobility to effectively simplize the combiniation of PP and GF. According to our technical advices, 10~12% W14ENP compounded in PP would increase 50~100 % tensile strength and 30~50% extension rate, 30~50% impact strength simultaneously to satisfy customers' needs for productions.

    Figures below show the perfomances of PP+33%GF with W14ENP:

​W14ENZ      Elasticizer for PA                                             

W14ENZ is a high-grade modifier for PA, which is the co-polymer of ethylene and octene. W14ENZ is chemically fabricated by reactional graft method at the high-temerature and high-pressure situation. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Specification Download


​Superiorities of W14ENZ 

  • Excellent compatibility with various polyolefins

  • Impoving the impact strength and cold resistance

  • Nice performances of weatherability, fatigue resistance at hight temperature, compress damage resistance

  • Additionally implemeted by peroxide or silicone, providing much higher performances

  • Recyclable

  • Suitable for various processes: inkjetion molding, blow moding, extrusion molding etc.

     EFFECTS OF W14ENZ                                                                                                                            

    Through the figures below, the performance of W14ENZ is very clearly for potential customers checking the further possibilities:

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