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​Far-Infrared Healthcare

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is a region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, between wavelength of 15 µm to 1 mm. Ranging 3~15 µm is referred to as "growth ray," closely bound up biological growth. For modern medical science, FIR has been widely used for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  Based on the truth, we keep developing many FIR healthcare products for neck, back, wrist, waist, knee sole and so on. Besides wearable FIR devices, we also have more innovative applications, such as FIR modules for wardrobes and floor heating.



Merits of FIR for human being

Activating Water Molecule to Increase In-Body Oxygen Content:
About 70% of the human body is water. Far-infrared rays can resonate water molecules, increase the body's oxygen content, and the cells regain their vitality, making people more energetic!! In turn, it improves disease resistance and delays aging.

Improving Circulatory System:
Through the resonance of in-body water molecules, the temperature of the subcutaneous layer is increased, the blood flow velocity is promoted, and the oxygen and nutrition of the human body cells are provided, which can effectively prevent diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, arthritis, cold limbs.
Encouraging Metabolism:
After the circulatory system is improved, the waste generated by metabolism, as well as the uric acid that causes the pain, can be quickly excreted and relieve the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Balancing Body's pH:

FIR can purify the blood, improve the skin condition, prevent bone joint pain caused by excessive uric acid, and reduce the interference of electromagnetic waves on the human body.

​Special FIR heating material

Our products are based on cloth material, the thread of it is sewn with copper wire, and the special carbon fiber powder (also known as the heat-generating carbon fiber powder) is completely attached to the whole cloth surface in a clean way. During heating by power, the warming effect will uniformly conduct. The power is selected low voltage DC, so no electromagnetic wave, no harm to the human body. Furthermore, it is applicable to use AC power for larger area products. Similarly, electromagnetic wave emissivity for this application is also very low.

WILL WILL WAY's Heating Material

(Whole Surface Heating)

Common Heating Material

(Coil Profile)

Heating Comparison.jpg

Heating Module

Heating Effect

Heat from skin


FIR penetrate skin to replenish human's energy

Transforming and generating FIR energy

Heat evenly exists on whole surface

Heat only exists along coil

FIR Existence.jpg

FIR Existence

Wave Length (um)


For different parts of body, we have corresponding FIR healthcare products as below. Each product is equipped with 12V / 3A DC adapter to be powered by 100~240 V AC sockets. Besides products below, we are willing to work with our customers for OEM & ODM services.


FIR Switch.jpg


Temperature Increase

(Upper Limit:55 °C)

Temperature Decrease

Present Temperature

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