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​Recycled Plastics and Color Masterbatch for Injection Molding

Plastics have been widely used as main materials for countless products, including 3C, construction, kitchenware, packings etc. With increasing sustainability concepts for all countries, the irreversible trend to reuse plastic is getting popular than ever. For responding to global environmental protection, we continue collecting waste products and production remnants of PP and PE in Taiwan, and technically granulate them into raw material for secondary process of plastic injection. 

We could reasonably customize properties for clients' required specifications of recycled PP and PE. Furthermore, we also offer recycled black-color masterbatch for clients who want to adjust color. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need recycled PP, PE or color masterbatch.

Polypropylene, PP

1. MI = 2.5 

2. MI = 8~12 

High-density polyethylene, HDPE

Masterbatch (Black)


PP (white).jpg
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