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​Smart Charger

This smart chargers is specially designed for Lithium-battery-equipped industrial computers, panel PCs and so on. It directly connects with the battery through SMBUS and change the charging mode according to the condition of the battery. Moreover, it supports 2 speeds of 100 KBPS and 400 KBPS.

There are 4 merits when using the smart charger to charge lithium batteries:

  • Making the battery’s lifespan longer 

  • Simplifying the design of DC-DC charging board 

  • The comprehensive cost is less than the traditional charging method of ADAPTOR and DC-DC charging board

  • Being customizable for various products equipped with Li-ion batteries.


  • High Reliability

  • 100% BURN-IN Tested

  • 100% Hi-Pot Tested

    • Primary to Secondary: 3750 VAC

  • Safety Approvals, EMC compliance                                                                                               

SC for L&L.png

For Li-ion and Lead-Acid Batteries

SC fo L.jpg

For Li-ion Batteries

​Services for Customers

We are working with our customers for these 2 services:

Offering present solutions

We have completely developed series of smart chargers for certain specifications which may well match your products. For this case, we could directly offer our customers to integrate with their products' power systems.

Customizing total solution of 「Smart Charger + Battery」

Customers would have their own special products powered by Li-ion batteries, such as industrial printers, assisting machines etc. For these cases, we are able to work with customers for designing and manufacturing customized solution of SMART CHARGER + BATTERY. 



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