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WILL WILL WAY LTD., A Company in Taiwan, Focuses on Fields of 3C and Eco Solutions, Far-Infrared Technology and Innovative Product Development.

  • 3C Solutions: Die Casting Materials and Charging

  • Eco Solutions: Recycled Plastic and Lead-Acid Battery Regeneration

  • Far-Infrared Tech: Organic Agriculture Materials

  • Innovative Products: Green Solutions, Novel Products etc.   

To See
Our Innovative Solutions for Multi-Faceted Fields
RE Mg Alloy for Casting.JPG

Rear Earth Mg Alloy for Die Casting 

Higher Mechanical Strength and Thermal Conductivity 

New Charging.jpg

Smart Charger

Optimizing Charging Way to Keep Li-ion Battery Good 

FIFAC for Planting.jpg

FIFAC Organic Farming 

Organically Upgrading the Farming Way by FIR Tech

Battery Regeneration.jpg

Lead-Acid Battery Regeneration

Regenerating Dead Lead-Acid Batteries by Nano Tech

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