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CNC Tooling / Milling

CNC is for tooling various metal parts, especially for some special design and high-precision condition. We have professional experiences of CNC tooling for many metal parts, such as pistons, cylinder, turning parts of semiconductor machines, parts for e-scooters etc.

We are willing to work with our customer to develop new products made of metals by CNC process. 

Plastic Injection

Injection molding is an efficient process for forming plastic parts. We produce various injection plastic parts, such as 3C product cases, furniture and so on.

We are willing to work with our customers to develop new products made of plastics (ex: ABS, PC/ABS, PA etc.) by injection molding process. 

For satisfying customers' product ranges, we have injection molding machines with various clamping forces (ton/T):

S → 50 T, 100 T, 150 T, 180 T

M → 250 T, 350 T, 400 T, 450 T, 500 T

L → 800 T, 1360 T, 1800 T

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