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​Active Electro-Magnetic and Capacitive Compounded TP Solution / Active EMCTP


EMCTP is a solution included Active Magnetic Pen and Electro-Magnetic and Capacitive Compound Touch Module. This solution integrates electro-magnetic antenna and projected capacitive touch modules into one sensor, which simultaneously offers supports of stylus pen and finger touching. EMCTP features easier production and assembly than traditional non-compound solution. Moreover, provides excellent touching and writing/painting experiences with original thin thickness.



TP Demo_EN.jpg

​Active Magnetic Pen

This customizable pen comprises body, nib, coils, pressure sensor, button and radiating circuit.

<NOTE> The allowable minimum of pen's diameter is 5.8 mm.


  • Writing Resolution: 0.012 mm

  • Pressure Sensitivity: 1024 level / 2048 level (Highest customization with 8192 level for E-Painting)

  • Hanging-Induction Height: 2 cm

  • Supporting OS: Windows, Android and Mac

  • Supporting Software: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Signing and PDF document etc.

​Electro-Magnetic and Capacitive Compound Touch Module


  • Process of metal mesh

  • GFF or GF2 structure

  • Transmittance: 85%

  • Attaching onto the layer of open cell (as same as traditional capacitive solution)

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