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​AFO & EFO Innovative and Efficient Extinguishers with Patents

A single spark can start a huge blaze! Traditional extinguisher is very complicated to be manipulated for people, so a single spark sometime causes a tragedy. Have you ever tried to manipulate an extinguisher and calculated how long it takes? Do you remember how the correct way to make an extinguisher work? Do you have enough confidence to correctly and calmly operate an extinguisher when you face the beginnning of a fire accident?

Now, WILL WILL WAY LTD. provides alternative highly-efficient and handy extinguishers, AFO (Auto Fire Off) and EFO (Easy Fire Off). AFO is a ball-like extinguisher which could be placed at everywhere inddors or outdoors. You just put, throw or roll AFO into the beginning fire, it will prompltly erupt nano-scale extinguishing powder to put out the fire instantly! EFO is a box-like extinguisher which is not only defined as same as AFO, but also for cars. Drivers could just put it beneath the hood to prevent fatal fire caused by car accidents. EFO would put out the beginning fire before fire expanding through oil and electric tube systems.

The nano-scale extinguishing powder is a notoxic mineral compound, certified by SGS. Both AFO and EFO have been qualified by goverments of China and Taiwan as standard extinguishers. Thus, these two innovative fire-fighting products are worth trusting to replace traditional cylinder-like ones. 


  • Size: 14.5 cm (diameter)

  • Weight: 1.3 kg

  • Working Area: 3 m³

  • Response Time: 3~5 sec

  • Lifetime: 5 year

  • Advised Places: Kitchen, room and so on


  • Size: 16.5 x 17.5 x 3 cm³

  • Weight: 240 g

  • Working Area: 60 cm²

  • Response Time: 3~5 sec

  • Lifetime: 3 year

  • Advised Places: Hood, kitchen, room and so on

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