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​RA Series  Alloy-Replaceable Nylon                                                  

RA series is an engineering nylon material with remarkable mechanical perfomance, playing as an alternative choice for replacing metal alloy (especially, Aluminum and Zinc) products. RA series is highly recommended to be selected as the base material for processing products, due to  its original resin's stable characterastic and moisture-resistance property. Moreover, RA series contains high percentage of glass fiber to enhance the final mechanical property, similar to aluminum and zinc alloys.                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Specification Download

​Superiorities of RA Series 

  • Excellent Glass Fibers Reinforced (GF50%, 60% and 65%)

  • Excellent tensile strength, much better than normal engineering plastic

  • Excellent dimensional stability, not easily getting influenced by moisture

  • Remarkably glossy surface

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Greatly reducing the cost of production and weight of product to replace expensive metal alloys (EX: Aluminum, zinc alloy)

  • Easy manufacturing process by injection

     HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH                                                                                                                    

Owing to our know-how additive agents, glass fibers could be distributed onto nylon (PA) well to form RA series, and make it simultaneously reach the demand of high tensile strength for various applications to replace expensive alloys.

     EXCELLENT SURFACE GRADE                                                                                                            

Considering the nice surface requirement, the W15RAG10 of RA series would be the best choice for you!

     ULTRA-LOW MOISTURE ABSORPTION                                                                                               

A test result of moisture aborption after 24 hours under a constant environmental temperature of 23°C.

     ULTRA-LOW WARPAGE                                                                                                                        

Nylon compounded with high-percentage glass fiber always causes severe warpage along both vertical and horizontal directions at the same time. However, our know-how agent with special compound process effectively overcomes the unfavorable phenomenon to reach a remrkable low rate of warpage.

     APPLICATIONS OF RA SERIES                                                                                                             

    RA series featuring high strength is capable to replace auto parts made of aluminum or zinc alloys, such as hoods, gearboxes, door locks, keys, steering columns and other functional parts.



    RA series has so excellent mechanical performance, that replacing metal-machining objects (EX: die casting parts) would be possible, such as gearboxex, compressor parts, pneumatic fittings, 
    motor covers and so on.


    RA series owning remarkable rigidity, which become the best material choice to manufacture various key components for sports equipment, for example, bike pedals, brake levers, fishing reels, binocular covers, boat fittings etc. 


    Originally incondunctivitive and outstandingly water-proof characteristics extend RA series applications to play as the cover material for different electric devices or instrument, such as switches, power tool covers (repacing aluminum-casted covers) and so on.


    Please contact us for further introduction, discussion and customization possibilities.


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